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Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform "in the cloud". If you have a question about a specific web service, consider asking on its tag, e.g., amazon-ec2.

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How can I get the size of an Amazon S3 bucket?

I'd like to graph the size (in bytes, and # of items) of an Amazon S3 bucket and am looking for an efficient way to get the data. The s3cmd tools provide a way to get the total file size using s3cmd ...
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Amazon Cloudfront with S3. Access Denied

We're trying to distribute out S3 buckets via Cloudfront but for some reason the only response is an AccessDenied XML document like the following: <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code&...
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How can I upgrade to Java 1.8 on an Amazon Linux Server?

I tried sudo yum update but it just keeps java "1.7.0_75". I need 1.8 for it to work with another application but can't figure out how to upgrade it. Do I need to manually install it somehow? There's ...
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What Linux distribution is the Amazon Linux AMI based on?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an officially supported Amazon Machine Image (AMI), but it doesn't indicate which Linux distribution it's based upon. Is the official Amazon Linux AMI based on ...
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88 votes
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How to change the name and description of an AWS EC2 security group?

How do you change the name and description of a security group in AWS EC2? My security group is named quick-start-1 (the default) and I want to change it to "HTTP, HTTPS and Limited SSH".
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79 votes
8 answers

AWS RDS connection limits

RDS server come up with 40 connection max, as in the following documentation I am using Magento 1.9, and at some points, i reach the max number then website is out of service. Do you have any ...
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Copy directory structure intact to AWS S3 bucket

I want to use the AWS S3 cli to copy a full directory structure to an S3 bucket. So far, everything I've tried copies the files to the bucket, but the directory structure is collapsed. (to say it ...
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Route 53 doesn't allow adding DKIM keys because length is too long

Here is how I enter the value for DKIM key: "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAwztXzIUqic95qSESmnqX U5v4W4ENbciFWyBkymsmmSNOhLlEtzp/mnyhf50ApwCTGLK9U7goo/ijX/wr5roy ...
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Tried to create 2 record set type=TXT in Route53

I'm trying to add a second TXT record to a domain, but I get the following error: Tried to create resource record set type='TXT but it already exists Can I add two records at the same domain?
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3 answers

Search ec2 instance by its name from aws command line tool

I have an instance named dev-server-03. Now how can I search all dev-server-* instances from command line? I am using aws cli tool.
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68 votes
2 answers

Why does AWS recommend against public S3 buckets?

"We highly recommend that you never grant any kind of public access to your S3 bucket." I have set a very granular public policy (s3:GetObject) for one bucket that I use to host a website. Route53 ...
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63 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between a public and private subnet in a Amazon VPC?

When I launch a server with a security group that allows all traffic into my private subnet, it displays a warning that it may be open to the world. If it is a private subnet, how can that be?
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How do you recover you RDS master user username?

Resetting the RDS master user's password is simple enough, but how do you find your master users username?
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Download SSL certificate from aws certificate manager

I am using aws certificate manager for managing SSL. Recently I purchased a wildcard ssl * Now I need that SSL certificate to deploy on enterprise git instance on aws. How can i ...
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57 votes
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Multiple EC2 security groups - permissive or restrictive?

What happens when I assign multiple security groups to an instance? Is it permissive in the sense that the traffic is allowed in if any one of the security groups allows it. OR is it restrictive in ...
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How to delete EC2 AMI

I know that the command ec2-create-image instance-id will be creating an image of the ec2 instance, creating snapshots file and registering as an AMI. But what is the equivalent command to delete the ...
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Are EC2 security group changes effective immediately for running instances?

I have an EC2 instance running, and it belongs to a security group. If I add a new allowed connection to that security group through AWS Management Console, should that change be effective immediately?...
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Why should I use Amazon Route 53 over my registrar's DNS servers?

I am building a site that I anticipate will have high usage. Currently, my registrar (GoDaddy) is handling DNS. However, Amazon's Route 53 looks interesting. They promise high speed and offer globally ...
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Rsync to AWS S3 bucket

For a server I am hosting a website on I want to backup the data and settings to an S3 bucket. I found out that you can't directly use rsync to backup to an S3 bucket. Is there another way to achieve ...
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How to install Docker on AWS EC2 instance with AMI (CE/EE Update)

What is the current way of installing Docker on an AWS EC2 instance running the AMI? There has been an announcement of Docker Enterprise Edition and now I want to know if anything has changed. Until ...
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Can't connect to EC2 instance in VPC (Amazon AWS)

I've taken the following steps: Created a VPC (with a single public subnet) Added an EC2 instance to the VPC Allocated an elastic IP Associated the elastic IP with the instance Created a security ...
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47 votes
5 answers

Is there a cloud-based reverse proxy solution in AWS? [closed]

The system I have an API deployed on EC2 machines on AWS. Incoming HTTPS requests are passed to an elastic load balancer. The load balancer handles the SSL, and passes the request to an Nginx server, ...
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Why can't I reach my Amazon EC2 instance via its Elastic IP address?

The server works fine via the Amazon assigned DNS entry, but I cannot reach it (using a browser) via the Elastic IP address Amazon assigned the box. Ping does not work either. I am trying to confirm ...
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45 votes
3 answers

Can different AWS accounts manage different subdomains?

I have two AWS accounts. The master account with as a Hosted Zone, this then has a number of record sets (i.e. and A second account will be managing ...
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14 answers

AWS: Environment named *** is in an invalid state for this operation. Must be Ready

I get a message when I am trying to deploy my php app on EC2 using Elastic Beanstalk. Environment named *** is in an invalid state for this operation. Must be Ready. I am unable to deploy. The ...
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41 votes
11 answers

How do you restart all Tasks of a Service?

We have a task that loads some configuration files from an external data source. After the settings are uploaded we would like to be able to restart all the tasks in a service so that the settings ...
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AWS S3 charging for 4 TB of storage when only using less than 1 GB

I'm having trouble understanding my large S3 bill, and figured I'd ask here before dropping $30 on AWS monthly support. Basically, I have an Amazon EC2 instance that makes an API to different ...
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Update the container of a service in Amazon ECS

What kind of approach is recommended for updating the container of a service which is running in Amazon ECS? The AWS documentation says: "If you have updated the Docker image of your application, you ...
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Can't run AWS CLI from CRON (credentials)

Trying to run a simple AWS CLI backup script. It loops through lines in an include file, backs those paths up to S3, and dumps output to a log file. When I run this command directly, it runs without ...
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AWS CloudFormation - Custom variables in templates

Is there any way to define shortcuts for often-used values derived from CloudFormation template parameters? For example - I've got a script that creates a Multi-AZ Project stack with ELB name project ...
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Locked out of my own server: getting "Too many authentication failures" right away when connecting via ssh

I have an AWS EC2 Ubuntu instance for pet projects. When I tried logging in one day, this error results: ~$ ssh -i"/home/kona/.ssh/aws_kona_id" [email protected] -p22 Enter passphrase for key '/...
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35 votes
4 answers

Where does Amazon publish the range of IP addresses used for EC2 instances by region?

How can I keep updated of changes to the range of IP addresses that Amazon will use for EC2 instances. I want to add a range of IPs to my firewall settings to allow access to my 'ground based' mysql ...
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Should I append a dot (.) at the end of my DNS urls?

I've noticed that AWS's DNS service (Route53) appends a dot (.) at the end of every DNS URL: Question: Is ...
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Static IP address for outgoing traffic from AWS autoscaling group

I'm going to have a number of EC2 instances in an Elastic Beanstalk autoscaling group in a default subnet in a VPC. The app on these EC2 instances needs to connect to a third party service who uses an ...
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34 votes
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Why do IOPS matter?

I understand what IOPS and throughput are. Throughput measures data flow as MB/s and IOPS says how many I/O operations are happening per second. What I don't understand is why many storage services ...
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34 votes
3 answers

Cannot mount an existing EBS on AWS

I tried mounting an existing EBS Storage (which has data) to an instance, but it keeps throwing this error. mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/xvdf, missing codepage or ...
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Elastic file system (EFS) mount outside of AWS

I have a server that is outside of AWS. I'd like to be able to mount an EFS volume to it, but I am not sure if that is possible. Perhaps if you create a VPC, and you create a tunnel over VPN? Does ...
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No Cache-Control Header for files from AWS CloudFront with S3 Origin

We just migrated to Amazon AWS. We currently have an EC2 instance that's working well. It's running Nginx in front and Apache in the back-end. That's running well also. All sites are launched properly ...
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3 answers

EBS vs SSD definition

I am confused about the EBS and SSD choice while creating an instance . while choosing instance parameters (Step 2) you will see 2 options in the column Instance Storage (GB) : EBS only or SSD . ...
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6 answers

Can you require MFA for AWS IAM accounts?

Is it possible to require Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) be enabled for specific/all IAM accounts in Amazon Web Services? There are options for password requirements and it's clear how one can ...
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3 answers

Why can't I create a superuser in AWS Postgresql instance?

I have an AWS EC2 instance connecting to an RDS instance (Postgresql). When I created the RDS instance, I told it the DB root's username was: my_user1 and the password was password1. Now I'm ...
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4 answers

Assigning a domain name to an AWS Fargate task

I have an AWS Fargate task running a web app in a public subnet so it has a public address. My question is how to I connect a domain (through Route 53) to that task, so that nothing breaks when I ...
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How can I reuse existing resources in CloudFormation?

I have an S3 bucket as a resource in my CloudFormation template, with DeletionPolicy set to Retain. This works as expected: when deleting the stack, it does indeed retain the bucket. However, when I ...
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Nginx set_real_ip_from AWS ELB load balancer address

I have a set of Nginx servers behind an Amazon ELB load balancer. I am using set_real_ip (from the HttpRealIpModule) so that I can access the originating client IP address on these servers (for ...
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Why is the year in this ISO timestamp not 2019?

For a simple app I'm using to test a devops pipeline I'm outputting the start time of a build to the homepage. On my development machine the year of the ISO-8601 timestamp I expect, 2019, is printed (...
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AWS can not change DB Subnet Group for AWS RDS

we have to (want to..) rename our DB Subnet Groups on AWS, so i created a new DB Subnet Group with same settings as the old one. When i want to switch the Group on "Modify Tab" in AWS GUI and hit ...
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update-rc.d on Amazon Linux

I am fairly new to system administration and I am simply trying to make sure nginx runs at startup on my Amazon EC2 instance (running Amazon linux) I have placed the script in /etc/init.d, but it ...
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Kubernetes always gives 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable with multiple TLS Ingress

I have a kubernetes cluster setup by kops on Amazon Web Services I have a 2 sites setup. One is secured via SSL/TLS/https and the other is just http. Both are Wordpress sites. Domains changed to ...
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Fundamental difference between t3 and t3a EC2 instances

Both T3 and T3a instances offer the same configuration, CPU credits and network performance. The only difference that I find is T3 uses Intel processor while T3a uses AMD processor, while both are ...
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How do I ensure my AWS free tier plan doesn't exceed the free usage limit?

I'm spinning up a free tier instance and I don't want to accidentally exceed the limit. How do I do that?
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